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    4 December 2014

    The Lighthouse Club Phnom Penh announced recently its intention to join the Asia Pacific Region.  An informal announcement was made at our last monthly gathering and no objections were raised.  The Committee has also formally minuted the decision and the ball will start rolling shortly.

    2014-11-02 02.37.31

    Our last monthly gathering was kindly sponsored by The Room DS (Design Studio) a company which has been established for some years in Phnom Penh but which has recently undergone a change in ownership.  The new management, Nina and Fredrik (not to be confused with that other Nina and Fredrik which older Lighthouse Club members may remember!) hosted the gathering at The Exchange where around 30 people were in attendance.

    Please note the corrected date for our Golf Event in January – it’s Friday 30th January  at the Garden City Golf Club.  On the evening of the 29th there will be a monthly gathering which will include registration for the golf.  With less than two months to go we are looking forward to welcoming members from the region (and anybody else!) to this event.  Please contact us on lighthouseclubcambodia@gmail.com for more details.

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    The Phnom Penh Chapter continued to grow the education program sponsored by the James Battersby Lighthouse Club Educational Trust with two new students approved to study in 2014. This brings the total of scholarship winners in Cambodia to 5 and the committee is hoping to continue to grow this number every year. All students in the program come from disadvantaged backgrounds and would not otherwise be able to study. Currently, 3 out of 5 students are studying Engineering with one of the new students is beginning a Bachelors Degree in Architecture. With the real estate and construction market continuing to boom in Cambodia and new structural safety regulations on the way, these young students degrees will be valuable for many years to come.

    At the time of writing we are heading into another “week” of public holidays here in Phnom Penh with the return of the Water Festival on 5th, 6th and 7th November.  You may recall the last time this event was held there was a terrible tragedy on one of the bridges and almost 400 people died as a result.  The event was cancelled the following year out of respect and has not been held for the past 2 years either due to the death of the old King Norodom Sihanouk in 2012 and the anniversary of his death last year.  Approximately, an extra 2 million people from the provinces will be visiting the capital city this week so we expect to be a little congested.

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    Our Committee has been joined by Phanya Heng, who was recruited specifically to target the Membership issue and to, hopefully, grow the local membership.  Phanya is a graduate of the National University of Management here in Phnom Penh and is current General Manager of Management Venture Asia, a local business consultancy.  She will take over the Secretary position from Janey Rogers within the next couple of months.  On that note, we should announce that Janey will be resigning from Lighthouse Club as Secretary as she has secured a new position which will see her travelling to Hong Kong and around the region from January 2015.  Our Chairman’s position will also become available by the end of January as the Rogers expect to relocate to Hong Kong on a permanent basis.

    For details on joining the Committee, please contact Colin Rogers who would be delighted to hear from any budding Committee members –  colin.rogers@rtdcambodia.com.


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