• LHC – Year End Party – Bali Night

    18 December 2015

    We are inviting you to our 1st ever Year End Theme Party!

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    Get your passport ready for Paradise… Destination: Bali-Indonesia!

    Lighthouse Club is bringing a dash of Balinese inspired theme party to you. Please book your flight seats to an all-time favourite tropical island!

    Get in the mood, you are required to style yourself with batik fabric and colourful sarong! (pinned it securely or else it might just fall off!)

    Palm trees and sandy beaches are far, far away… But that doesn’t matter, let’s make it our own Bali getaway… So… fly with us and join our fun-filled tropical theme party!!

    Flight Itinerary

    Airline: LHC 1999

    Destination : Blue Bali Restaurant at Blue Bali (Formally The Villa Bali)

    Runway Gate No: House 1D Cluny Road S’pore 259600

    (Behind NUS Bukit Timah Campus opposite the Eu Tong Sen Building)

    Departing Date: 30th January 2016 (Saturday)

    Estimate Arrival Time: 7.00pm

    Compulsory Passenger Dress Code: Batik Fabric or Colourful Sarong!

    You can even wear the Singapore Girl outfit-we dare you! Great prizes for best dressed male & female!

    Flight ticket: S$135 per passenger seat

    Food served on-board: Buffet style-Delicious Authentic Indonesian Cuisine & Desserts!

    Drinks served on-board: Free-flow Beer & Refreshing In-house Beer, Housewine & Soft Drinks

    Don’t wait any longer…make your flight reservation now with us without even leaving S’pore!

    Payments and Registration via the website see details on site www.lighthouseclub.org.sg or email bms-office@bauer.com.my

    See you all soon and “Selamat Datang to Bali”

    Your Delightful Cabin Crew & Hostess



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