• The Lighthouse Club – Celebrating 30 Years in Asia

    9 March 2016

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    We have previously advised you about the events planned to celebrate the Lighthouse Club’s 30 years in Asia since the Hong Kong Branch was formed in 1986. The purpose of this circular is to give you further details about these events and to enlist your support to ensure their success.

    This year also marks 60 years since the Lighthouse Club was formed in the UK in 1956.  This was shortly after the extension of the runway of Hong Kong’s International Airport at Kai Tak was commenced so it ties in nicely with the development of some organizations in the construction industries in Hong Kong and the wider Asia Pacific region.

    To celebrate its 30th Anniversary in Asia the Lighthouse Club has arranged a series of events in Hong Kong between 26th and 28th May 2016 (see attached).  It is also publishing a book about the history of the Lighthouse Club’s formation in the UK and its later establishment in Hong Kong and development in the Asia Pacific region.

    We have requested the support of potential sponsors of the International Construction Conference and Anniversary Book.  Details of the Sponsorship Packages available are attached. If you know of potential sponsors who would like to support the Lighthouse Club in this respect, please let us know.

    The objectives of the Conference are as follows:

    • Raise funds for the Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region Benevolent Fund and the Lighthouse Club James Battersby Educational Trust.
    • Raise the profile of the Lighthouse Club and its objectives regionally in the Asia Pacific region, internationally and locally (in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China) in order to increase membership, sponsorship and financial support and promote the formation of new branches.
    • Repeat and improve on the successful format of the previous conferences of 2006 and 2011 that were arranged to celebrate the Lighthouse Club’s 20th and 25th Anniversaries in Asia.
    • Foster fellowship between members of the Lighthouse Clubs throughout the Asia Pacific Region and Holland, Ireland, Middle East and UK.
    • Provide networking and marketing opportunities for developers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, lawyers, trade associations, professional institutions and individuals within and associated with the construction industry.
    • Provide continuing professional development opportunities for individuals who need to further develop their capabilities in order to be better prepared to deal with the on-going economic challenges faced by the construction industry through increased efficiency and innovation.

    In addition to the conference, at which we will have speakers talking about sustainable construction, safety awareness, collaborative contracting, continuing development of Hong Kong’s infrastructure projects, the construction industries of Asia and their future development, innovative construction techniques and improving project management effectiveness, procurement initiatives, legal matters and dispute resolution, there will be displays at which sponsors of the event (contractors, suppliers, specialists, consultants, lawyers etc) can market their services and products and professional institutions and trade associations can distribute their literature and promote the benefits of membership of those bodies.

    In addition to delegates from Hong Kong, we are expecting a lot of participation from around the Asia Pacific region, Middle East and UK/Europe.

    I am sure you will agree that this has very good marketing and networking potential for sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, delegates and other participants alike.  In addition to raising its profile both locally and internationally, the Lighthouse Club also intends to make profits from the event, all proceeds from which will be donated to the Lighthouse Club Charities: the Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region Benevolent Fund and the Lighthouse Club James Battersby Education Trust.

    Included in the attached details of the Anniversary events is a booking form through which you can make early bookings to reserve places at various events. It would be very helpful if you could also circulate these details and canvas support for these events among your friends and business associates.  This will help the Lighthouse Club and provide a good platform for the Club’s further development over the next 30 years.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks for your continued support.

    Kind regards,
    John R. P. Battersby
    Deputy Chairman of the Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region
    and the Lighthouse Club Hong Kong Branch

    For more information about sponsorship, please send an email to lighthousehkg@gmail.com

    To download the registration form, please visit:




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