• Safety and Health Awards 2017

    4 September 2017

    On 16th and 17th May 2017 the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) organised the Annual Safety & Health Conference 2017, themed as “Today’s Challenges – Public Safety”, with its highlight being the award ceremony for the Safety and Health Awards 2016, jointly organised by the Lighthouse Club of Kuala Lumpur and MBAM.

    The objectives of this annual conference was to promote the importance of having good practices in Safety & Health so as to reduce incidents / accidents at work place and enhance productivity and efficiency at workplace, as well as to enhance a company’s reputation in the Construction Industry.

    Following last years’ Conference MBAM continued to invite a number of experienced and knowledgeable speakers to share their latest construction safety technology and best practices with the participants. One of the speakers was the 2016 winner of the MBAM Safety & Health Award for Site Personnel, Ms Candy Lai, who has become a keen Safety and Health ambassador and women in construction leader within the Lighthouse Club and MBAM in Malaysia.

    Public Safety is pertinent to construction projects where construction sites are often risky for construction workers and the general public as echoed by the Guest of Honour Dato’ Ir. Mohtar Bin Musri, Director- General of DOSH, who emphasised that: “As Malaysia’s construction industry continues to thrive, contractors and industry players should strive not only to achieve higher levels of performance, but also to improve competitiveness in the quality of public safety initiatives while maintaining work, quality and technical capabilities. The number of frequent accidents involving the public and mobile elevated work platforms is a cause for concern.”

    The Safety & Health Awards presentation offered a platform to
    recognise and reward the achievements of those who work diligently
    and tirelessly to implement, enhance and highlight the safety and health
    level of the project work site.

    The MBAM Safety & Health Awards 2017 were presented in two categories to the following deserving winners:

    MBAM Golden Award for Leadership in Safety & Health;

    Winner: YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Ir. Johari Bin Basri

    MBAM Safety & Health Award for Site Personnel;

    Winner: Mr Teh Hang Loong

    The aforementioned awards would not be possible if not for the following keen and charitable sponsors to which the Lighthouse Club of Kuala Lumpur extends its heartiest appreciation for their support and benevolence of these awards:

    Gold Sponsors

    • Freyssinet PSC
    • Bachy Soletanche

    Silver Sponsors

    • HSL Construction
    • Infra Segi

    Bronze Sponsors

    • Al-Ambia
    • SJEE Engineering

    Unfortunately, there are still too many incidents happening on Malaysian construction sites and the adjoining general public areas. It is therefore no surprise for the MBAM President, Mr Foo Chek Lee to state that: “I believe one of the ways to tackle this problem is by changing the mindset of the employers and the workers to practice “public safety first”, which governs attitudes and behaviours towards public safety. MBAM in collaboration with several other Government bodies has been striving to foster a safety culture in the industry through seminars, award schemes and workshops. I hope that this continuous effort by all parties will lead to a positive change in the construction industry.”

    To this regard, the Lighthouse Club of Kuala Lumpur and MBAM will continue to promote Safety and Health and we believe that by acknowledging good practices and achievements, we will be able to ensure that the players in the industry profit responsibly and safely. In this regard, the Lighthouse Club of Kuala Lumpur and MBAM are committed to continue with the selection and presentation of these awards in the future, the coming one being in 2018.

    Dato’ Dr. Ir. Johari Bin Basri is nominated as a result of his exceptional contribution and leadership in occupational safety & health in Malaysia. In his career spanning 39 years, he was appointed as the executive Director of NIOSH in 2000 and 2004 and Director General of DOSH from 2002 – 2004 and 2007 – 2014.

    His services include assuming the role of Executive Director of ASEAN-OSHNET which discusses occupational safety and health with 10 ASEAN member countries. He is a prime-mover in driving Malaysia towards becoming a self-regulating country with regard to occupational safety & health.

    During his stewardship as the Director General of DOSH, Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan (OSHMP) 2015 was developed to set a guide and encouragement platform for key stakeholders and social partners to highly prioritize the OSH culture to boost the national OSH performance.

    He was the one who set out the basis for cooperation between DOSH and MBAM with a view to enhancing occupational safety and health (OSH) in the construction industry through OSH development, accreditation, certification and training for safety personnel.  OSH Day and OSH Week were also established to emphasize on the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases through the power of the “tripartite” and social dialogue.

    Currently he is a Board Member of Sunway Construction Group Berhad and Chairman of the High level Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Council. He spearheads Sunway Construction’s ESH implementation to greater heights based on his vast experience accumulated in DOSH as the Director General. He is also the Advisor for the National OSH Profile Survey for DOSH conducted in Collaboration with University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

    Mr Teh Hang Loong started his professional career 5 years ago as a Site Safety Supervisor and is currently the Assistant Manager for Environmental, Safety and Health at Parcel F, Putrajaya.

    He is a registered Safety and Health Officer and Competent Scaffolder with DOSH and holds a Bachelor Degree in Occupational Safety and Health Management from Open University Malaysia. Amongst his other qualification includes NEBOSH International General Certificate and is also a Master Trainer for MRT Line 2. He is currently pursuing his studies in NEBOSH International Diploma, UK.

    His responsibilities focus primarily on planning of ESH management in terms of project site implementations, providing sound advice on effective ESH practices, to continually enforce, monitor and promote best safety and health practices that complies with all local and international ESH standards. He strongly believes that the only way to promote safety culture is through influence and exemplary leadership. By being a servant leader, management of all high-risk activities were consistently coordinated with his project team members and impact of risk were significantly reduced. His steadfast leadership has successfully influenced his team members to take ownership and accountability of the risk which they have created and managed them accordingly.

    The main challenge he is facing now sets upon stringent client requirements (adopted from the Oil and Gas Industry) of the current project where higher benchmarking and additional demands in ESH management for construction industry such as Permit to Work system and ZETO rules are mandatory.


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