• Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region is now Lighthouse Club International

    2 January 2018

    A very important development in the evolution of the Lighthouse Club has finally come to fruition: on 4th November 2017 at a meeting of the Asia Pacific Region Committee, the resolution to change the constitution and name from “Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region” to “Lighthouse Club International” was passed.

    As most of you are aware, the Lighthouse Club was first established in England in 1956 as a non-political organization for the purposes of promoting good fellowship among its members from within the construction industry and providing charitable assistance to distressed persons within that industry and to their dependents where a fatality from accident or illness had occurred. The Club in the UK has become The Construction Industry Charity and comprises some 21 branches all over the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Their Construction Industry Helpline in 2016 supported 1,345 families in crisis and over GBP 600,000 (circa HK$ 6,000,000) was paid out to those in need.

    An independent branch of the Lighthouse Club was established in Hong Kong in 1986. Last year, the Hong Kong Trusts paid out HK$ 1.8million and assisted 43 families.

    The Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region was established in 1998 with the objectives of promoting the establishment of further branches and good fellowship between members and branches of the Lighthouse Club and coordinating the work of charitable assistance to persons connected with the construction industry in the Asia Pacific Region comprising Asia, Australasia, the Pacific Islands, North and South America.

    The James Battersby Educational and Asia Pacific Region Benevolent Trusts paid out circa HK$ 600,000 in 2016 to eligible cases in the Region. On 28th May 2016 the Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region resolved to change its name to “Lighthouse Club International” and further its objectives worldwide. Lighthouse Club International will now take on the objectives of Asia Pacific Region under its new banner and, in the fullness of time, we would like to see Clubs start up again in countries where there was a previous existence, for instance, South Africa and Surinam.

    With this bigger, wider remit, the Club will establish a new charitable Trust, namely Lighthouse Club International Benevolent Trust in order to provide for those areas of the globe not covered under the existing Asia Pacific Region Benevolent Trust (APRBT).

    Membership, in particular, corporate membership, is also evolving and companies will be given the choice of opting for five new different levels of subscription: Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze. These new subscription tiers will give corporates the opportunity to have up to 100 named nominees throughout their organization and from all around the globe, if applicable, more visual awareness of their brand at local and international events and more exposure in “The Lighthouse” magazine.

    We look forward to talking to both existing and new corporate members about these opportunities.

    To manage the Trusts, membership and, indeed, deal with the inevitable increase in administration, a new Lighthouse Club International Secretariat will be formed. Running costs for this Secretariat will be borne out of membership subscriptions as all monies received from donations and events continue to fund the Trusts. The Secretariat is something which is still under discussion but, hopefully, will be in place by the end of 2018.

    For those Hong Kong and other Branch members, both corporate and individual, the above does not signify any change to your membership unless you are already a member of the Asia Pacific Region. We are merely stepping up a notch and, hopefully, spreading the word even further in order to assist those less fortunate than ourselves.

    For further information on Lighthouse Club International please contact us on info@lighthouseclubintl.com.





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