• Stepping Stones Living Centre

    2 January 2018

    The Young Members of Lighthouse Club Kuala Lumpur (LHC KL) recently began an initiative to enhance the role LHC KL played in terms of contributing to the less fortunate. This initiative which started in August 2017, involved identifying a community in need, undertaking a design, and building the said scheme. The Young Members’ introductory project was led by a team headed by Davod Farrokhian and Karthini Mahendranathan, and targeted a home for underprivileged children and senior citizens called Stepping Stones Living Centre located in Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur.

    The team found the home in a rather run-down condition. The home consisted of an old house and at later stages, ad-hoc structures to provide coverage for what is now known as the common area and kitchen. The
    toilets were built in a rather haphazard manner. The team’s early discussions considered knocking the entire place down and rebuilding from scratch. However, given that the home housed 30 to 40 people and temporary housing proved complicated, the team resorted to identifying the most important structures that could use improvement.

    For one, the flooring at the entrance and toilet area were uneven and broken, resulting in water and dirt accumulation as well as being a safety hazard.  Screeding works were carried out to level off these areas. Another problem was that there was a dire lack of showers; all the community had was a pipe and a bucket, for all to share. This was dealt with by installing a wash basin and three sets of showers together with the necessary piping works. There were also missing or unhinged doors to the toilet stalls; these were all replaced with new doors. One of the bigger problems faced by the community here was that every time it rained (and it sure pours down here!), there would be a river of muddy water which would gush through the home, preventing comfortable use of the common area. To address this, a roof water catchment box was installed together with piping to redirect the rainwater out. Finally, the team had to address the issue of the massive trees behind the home, to prevent any untoward incidents. Previously, a tree toppled over and damaged a roof of one of the structures of the home. This was dealt with by cutting the huge branches
    that extended over the back of the home.

    There was a lot of curiosity in the community, especially from the younger ones, when the works were carried out, and joy once it had been completed. The home’s community conveyed their deepest gratitude to LHC KL. This pilot project proved a huge success as it immensely improved the community’s
    living conditions. The Young Members look forward to re-engaging the community in this manner, utilizing the full use of their skill sets and knowledge of the industry in a fulfilling way.





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