• OUT-2 Design Reimagines Primary Learning

    29 May 2018

    The International School of Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) has built a reputation on reinventing the way students learn and respond to each other and their physical environments. ISHCMC engaged international architecture and design firm OUT-2 Design to create an immersive, inspirational library that would challenge established notions of primary school education.

    The library would be built within the school’s existing physical structure without altering the exterior – a restriction OUT-2 Design viewed as an opportunity to illustrate the benefits of new building materials and furnishings, spatial relations, and concepts for organisation and display.

    OUT-2 Design’s finished library is a vibrant, textured space that stretches out in sympathy and delight for the development of the young minds it serves. The design prioritises an imaginative, interactive landscape where books, artefacts, and student works are parts of a whole. This reverence for nature and tactile learning reminds students not to neglect the physical world of exploration for the technical – a noteworthy lesson in a school equipped with an advanced digital program.




    By design and choice of materials, the library reflects the natural world, with areas devoted to earth, forest, and ocean. This helps extend the learning experience by providing visual and textural contributions. Furthermore, as the space is largely occupied by children, OUT-2 Design paid special attention to the selection of non-toxic, and environmentally responsible products – for example, the blue carpet, representing the ocean, is manufactured from recycled fishing nets.

    OUT-2 Design has organised the space so that the children mentally escape into rather than out of the library. This bringing of the outside world in subtly introduces the premise that they are already stewards of their environments and motivates them to rise to this lifetime of responsibility.



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