• Hong Kong Branch AGM

    17 July 2018

    The 32nd Annual General Meeting of the Hong Kong Branch was held in Hong Kong on Friday, 4 May 2018.

    The meeting was held in conjunction with the monthly get together of the Hong Kong Branch, which this month was at Carnegies Bar in Wanchai.

    About 50 members were present by the time the AGM got going, which was more than enough for a quorum, although many more members turned up later in the evening. One would hope that they did not arrive “late” so that they could enjoy the beer but miss the “boring” parts of the evening! [Ed – I suspect that at least some of these members knew exactly what they were doing!]

    The business of the AGM was run efficiently, as usual, by the Hon Secretary of the Hong Kong Branch, Glenn Haley. All of the business was concluded within 30 minutes, so that the members could return to enjoying convivial and fraternal discussion, as well as a few cold drinks of course.

    The reports received from the Chair (Cordia Yu), Treasurer (Neil Roberts) and Membership Secretary (John Battersby) showed that the affairs of the Hong Kong Branch are in good order, and that the Branch continues to operate on a healthy and robust basis. This, of course, in no small part is due to the great support that the Hong Kong Branch gets on a continuing basis for its members and sponsors and supporters.

    The main item of business of the AGM was to elect the 10 elected members of the Branch Committee of the Hong Kong Branch. Under the Branch’s new constitution, adopted by the Hong Kong Branch in 2017, only life members and ordinary members are eligible to be elected on to the Committee. Members who are corporate nominees are then co-opted as needed and appropriate on to the Committee.

    The 10 elected Committee members for 2018/2019 are as follows:-

    Cordia Yu

    Robert Gordon

    Glenn Haley

    Neil Roberts

    Adam Nelson

    Shannon Ho

    Janey Rogers

    Giles Hall

    Barry Adcock

    Steve Rowlinson

    The additional members who will be co-opted to serve on the Committee will include Mike Atkin (who does many of the hard yards in producing this Magazine) and Stephen Pollock (who helps out on the important work of the Safety Sub-Committee).

    A big thank you to the sponsor for the evening, which for the AGM this year was Glenn Haley of Haley Ho & Partners in association with Berwin Leighton Paisner.


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