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    The Lighthouse is the magazine of the Lighthouse Club International, originally established in 1998 as Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region and superseded in November 2017 by Lighthouse Club International. With its roots in England in 1956 and first came to Asia in 1986 with the formation of a Branch in Hong Kong.


    about-us-bannerThe aims of the Lighthouse Club worldwide are to promote good fellowship amongst its members who work in or are associated with the construction industry and to provide charitable assistance to those in need within the construction industry and to their dependents in qualifying cases.


    The Lighthouse Clubs that were in existence in 1998 in Asia agreed to the formation of the Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region with the following objectives:


    To support and where necessary co-ordinate the work of charitable assistance undertaken by the branches of the Lighthouse Club 
    To promote the establishment of further autonomous branches of the Lighthouse Club in the Asia Pacific Region
    To promote good fellowship between the members and branches of the Lighthouse Club in the Asia Pacific Region


    In addition to the charitable works of the individual branches of the Lighthouse Club, Lighthouse Club International has two related Hong Kong based charities, registered with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, which provide charitable assistance worldwide:


    The James Battersby Lighthouse Club Educational Trust which provides assistance for education and training to qualifying young persons
    The Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region Benevolent Trust which provides assistance to relieving poverty and financial need to persons currently or previously employed in the building and civil engineering industries and allied trades where such persons and/ or their dependents are suffering hardship as a result of accident, disability or ill health


    For more information and membership / sponsorship enquiries please contact the Membership Secretary or Deputy Chairman of the Lighthouse Club International at info@lighthouseclubintl.com. To advertise in this magazine please contact publisher@rofmedia.com or info@lighthouseclubintl.com



    About The Lighthouse Club, 30th Anniversary in Hong Kong and Asia!

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