• Educational Trust Beneficiaries

    30 December 2016

    During a recent trip to the Philippines to attend a Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region Committee Meeting, the Lighthouse Club Manila’s 20th Anniversary “Roaring Twenties” Gala Ball and a couple of days in the BK Philippines Inc office, John Battersby, Adam Nelson and Janey Rogers had the pleasure of meeting one of the beneficiaries of the Lighthouse Club’s James Battersby Educational Trust Fund.   In fact, it was the second time Janey had met Beverly as they had both attended one of the Lighthouse Club Manila’s monthly gatherings where Beverly gave a very heartfelt “thank you” speech to the assembled members.  Delightful it was, then, to be reintroduced to her in our office by the General Manager, Maria Cecilia de Castro (Ces) as one of her newest employees. 


    Here is her (slightly edited!) story:

    I am Beverly Singson Samson, one of the beneficiaries of the Lighthouse Club Manila.  I’m a graduate of the Western Mindanao State University in the south of the Philippines.  My family home is on Basilan.  My college life, however, was spent in Zamboanga City which is the 2nd largest city in Mindanao.  There is a lot of beautiful scenery in Mindanao. 

    I first met Ma’am Ces in Zamboanga City when she was on a mission to find students for the Lighthouse Club scholarship.  I told her of my circumstances, that my Mum was a housewife and my Dad worked at the Lamitan Dock (Lamitan being my home town on Basilan).  Ces was on her way back to Manila that day but spent time talking to me and finding out more about me.  She also gave me some good advice about overcoming life’s difficulties.  When I was told I would be able to go and study Engineering at University I was overwhelmed. 

    I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in March of this year, gained my Electrical Engineer’s License in September and started working at BK Philippines Inc on the 2nd November.

    I want to succeed like Ma’am Ces;  I want her to be proud of me and not to regret that she gave me a chance to change my life.  She gave me the opportunity to do my practicum at BK Philippines Inc and let me stay at her house whilst completing the on-the-job training. 

    When I attended the Lighthouse Club get-together I met with Ma’am Me-anne and other Lighthouse Club members.  It was a great evening.  When I spoke about my gratitude to the Club I could feel how much they cared and how important the whole concept of the Lighthouse Club was to them.

    I could not have achieved what I have today without the support of the Lighthouse Club and I am very glad that they came into my life.  Their effort and support
    are very precious to me.  Thank you, thank you very much.  I wish you all the best and Godspeed.

    Words of Appreciation


    To begin, I would like to thanks The Lighthouse Club Kuala Lumpur for everything they have provided me, including the sponsorship for my university’s tuition fees and this opportunity to be published in the magazine.

    I am Belle, a 1st year student currently studying Bachelor of Science (hons) Architecture in University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

    Architecture was indeed a tough course, and I suffered during my first and second semesters. It has never been easy, but a choice I am glad to make. I would say this whole year has been a very challenging yet exciting year for me. I begin the year with something I had no basic knowledge in, ending it with the growing interest to learn more. There is no ending for learning, for which I will never have enough knowledge in this wonderful course. To be honest, Architecture has been expanding my thoughts, growing my urge to learn more and more.

    Not just architecture, I’ve spice up my university life with all sorts of talks and events, clubs and societies. Especially by being the committee of a club or an event, I got to know a lot of amazing people sharing the same interest as I do. Through these events, I did not only boost my social skills but also learnt a lot of new knowledge from them. That was how I developed my leadership and management skills too. Though there are still uncountable things I hope to achieve in my university life, I went beyond a lot of my limitations, and cross out a few in my bucket list.

    There has been hard times, like the time I was asked in front of everyone to hand in my fees, the time I was almost chased out by a lecturer for not paying, or the time I have to think of alternatives when my father refuse to pay for my fees. It really is not a delightful past to talk about. I did not come from a rich family, nor did I have a perfect family. Sometimes when things are broken, it cannot be fix; when a family is broken, it remain as it is. However, the past is in the past, I do prefer looking at the current and future.

    I really appreciate LHCKL who made this possible, for me to not worry about my fees and enjoy my study in university. It truly is my honor, to have LHCKL and members standing with me to go through the obstacles I am facing. The scholarship given, it is not only to pay my tuition fees, but also as a sign of support, that will always be there with me through thick and thin.

    Thank you. Sincerely, honestly, thank you Lighthouse Club Kuala Lumpur.

    Letter of Appreciation

    To: The Lighthouse Club

    My husband passed away on site and left behind me and my son.  We were facing great financial difficulty as we had lost our breadwinner.  The financial assistance received from the Lighthouse Club relieved our financial pressure and helped us to get through the most difficult time of our lives.  My son would not be able to continue his studies if not for the help from the Lighthouse Club.  We wholeheartedly appreciate the help offered by the Lighthouse Club. 

    My son knows that the assistance is not something he should take for granted, hence he has been studying very hard.  His dream is to be a physiotherapist so that he can help injured people and, in particular, injured construction workers to recover.    

    Thanks once again to everyone in the Lighthouse Club!  We wish you good health and  happy life.


    Ms. Su

    Thank you letter from Family

    I would like to sincerely thank the Lighthouse Club HK Benevolent Fund for all their support.

    About 2 years ago, my husband was diagnosed with a serious medical condition and was not able to work.  The doctors did not have any idea on when he will recover or if he would be able to work.  Month after month went by, I hoped that he will get better and be a husband and father again.

    I was alone – raising our child, supporting our household and taking care of my husband.  After 18 months of his illness, I was barely holding my family life together when without warning, I was made redundant from my job.  By that time, I was mentally and psychically exhausted and close to a nervous breakdown.   

    Without a job and desperately looking for work, your generous charitable gift help our family tremendously. I could pay rent, several months of my daughter school fees, my husband’s medical bills and many other living expenses.  Your gift saved my family and allowed me to “take a breath” to find the strength to move forward.

    Thank you, Lighthouse Club for your kindness.

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