• The Lighthouse Club 2018 AGM

    17 July 2018

    The 2018 AGM of the Lighthouse Club of Kuala Lumpur (LHC KL) took place at the Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar in Changkat Bukit Bintang on Thursday 3rd May 2018.

    There was a fantastic turnout, and the members mingled as they munched on finger food in the form of fish fingers, fried calamari rings and fries, courtesy of the bar.

    The AGM was conducted by the Vice President, Anthony Edwards. The AGM adopted the minutes of meeting of the past AGM as well as approving the President’s Report and Treasurer’s Report. Michael McKenzie and Michael Curthoys were appointed as Auditors for the upcoming financial year, whilst the following members were elected to serve the Committee in the 2018/2019 term:

    President:                    Nigel Stanley

    Vice President:            Anthony Edwards

    Secretary:                    Bert de Munck

    Assistant Secretary:    Karthini Mahendranathan

    Treasurer:                   Ester Halim

    Committee Members: Ian Pughsley,  Niloofar Sheidaie, Tatiana Polevshchikova, Tricia Sheu

    Following the election of the Committee, Isaac Sunder Rajan, on behalf of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE), presented the proceeds from a conference jointly organised by CABE and LHC KL which took place on 19th January 2018. The proceeds which amounted to RM11,099.08 were received by Roderick Noble on behalf of the LHC KL.

    We believe that the new Committee, which is in the capable hands of Nigel Stanley, will continue its excellent work that has been carried out in previous years under Rod Noble.

    This includes the Committee’s goal of revising our Constitution to bring it up to date with the evolution of LHC KL. Broadly, the goals of the proposed amendments are to bring the Constitution in line with the purposes of the other regional Lighthouse Clubs. We are greatly indebted to Dato Bill Davidson, a well-known and respected lawyer in the construction industry for his heroic efforts in leading this venture.

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