• Chairman’s Messages

    As Spring rolls on to Summer and dry seasons become rainy seasons (sorry, UK, couldn’t resist!), Lighthouse Club International continues to thrive.  The Bangkok branch, after years of self-supporting their chosen benevolence activity, have reached out to the Trustees of the Asia Pacific Region Benevolent Trust (APRBVT) and we are happy to say that at the time of publication funds have been provided for the support of three construction site schools in Bangkok.  Bangkok members are now Lighthouse Club International members and we look forward to hearing and seeing updates on the schools.

    We are also delighted to say that the UK, namely the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity which covers all 21 clubs in the UK & Ireland, have also recently become members of Lighthouse Club International.

    Successful one-day and two-day construction conferences were held in March and May in Hong Kong.  March features in this edition, May was a little too late for the Editor’s deadline.  I say “successful” as monies raised totalled in excess of HK$ 700,000, 50% of which goes straight into the APRBVT.  However, “successful” is not the word I would use to describe the number of attendees at these events and I encourage, nay implore, all branches to work a little harder to ensure that some of their members attend.  After all, the reason behind the conferences is to raise funds in order to help the people in all locations where there is a Lighthouse Club. 

    I am always encouraged by growth or, in some cases, resurgence, and am delighted that Vietnam has recently held a get-together after a gap of some months.  Potential new branches are in the offing too in New Zealand, Korea and the Middle East.  Onwards and upwards!

    Lastly, the need for new and, particularly, Young Members is paramount to the growth and longevity of this organization.  Hong Kong and KL have very active Young Members Groups and I would call upon all branches to do their utmost to start these as soon as possible.  The OFs in the Club cannot last forever, you know!

    To those of you planning Summer holidays, may I wish you a very pleasant time and plenty of sunshine wherever you are.

    Rod Noble
    Lighthouse Club International

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