• Chairman’s Messages

    I am delighted that Lighthouse Club International has now passed through all the hurdles of approval following a meeting of the Asia Pacific Region Committee in Manila on 4 November which coincided with the splendid annual Ball of the Manila branch. The APR Council Members were notified and asked to agree or not and, with no dissenting voices, Lighthouse International is now a reality. It will provide the basis for the next chapter of the Lighthouse Club, with interest being expressed in starting branches in India, PRC, USA and New Zealand.

    In the near future, Lighthouse will truly have become an international social club for the construction industry with a really substantial charitable base. Education remains the centre of the charitable endeavours. With this in mind, the Club is funding both scholarships for students as well as schooling for primary level children of impoverished construction workers. The funding of real cases of financial hardship suffered by construction workers and their families, whether through accident, illness or otherwise, also continues. None of this would happen without the extraordinary dedication of John Battersby and his team in Hong Kong.

    A further notable event took place at the meeting on 4th November: in line with the new Lighthouse Club International Constitution it was proposed, and unanimously approved, to award Honorary Life Memberships to the following people in recognition of their contribution to the growth of the Lighthouse Clubs around the region and their many years of service to their home Clubs as well as the APR:

    Barry Adcock – Hong Kong

    Willie Kay – Singapore

    Les Leslie – Hong Kong & UK

    Steve Tennant – Hong Kong

    Phil Thoburn – Manila

    They will work closely with the Honorary Life Chairman, John Battersby, and the Honorary President of Lighthouse Club International (when appointed) in order to provide counsel to the Committee which includes advice on furthering the development of the Lighthouse Club globally as well as identifying suitable candidates to recommend to the Committee as successor to the Honorary President at the end of his/her term.

    The Sydney and Perth branches of Lighthouse have this year put on in each city a seminar tracing a fictional construction dispute from inception to arbitration and judgment, followed by a drinks reception. In Sydney the Chief Justice of NSW presided over the event and in Perth, the Chief Justice of WA. Both events, which were held in the ceremonial courts of each city, were generously sponsored and enthusiastically attended by contractors, quantity surveyors, engineers, claims consultants and lawyers.

    The Sydney event sold some 280 tickets and the Perth event, in a smaller venue, 125. Perth raised, after expenses, about AUD 14,000 for local Lighthouse Club funds. I hope to see these sorts of seminars replicated throughout the branches, particularly as they have the added advantage of introducing new members to the Lighthouse Club community.
    It has been quite a year and it only remains for me to wish you all the compliments of the season and a healthy, happy and peaceful start to 2018.

    Rod Noble
    Lighthouse Club International

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